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Popular handcuffs also in BDSM in India. What is BDSM handcuffs and usage? BDSM & SM sex play.

What is BDSM handcuffs?

What is BDSM handcuffs

BDSM handcuffs are a BDSM accessories for beginners as well as for expert and it is SM toy. Handcuffs are available in pairs, Basically, it has two metal or non-metal bracelets that are connected with the chain. BDSM handcuffs are used in SM play where partners can use it wrist to wrist, ankle to ankle, wrist to ankle or wrist or ankle to any object. BDSM handcuffs can excite the regular sexual life.

BDSM handcuffs are inexpensive and basic BDSM sex toys. Most of BDSM handcuffs are adjustable, so it is safer and comfortable bondage way for bondage lovers. Handcuffs are perfect for the beginners, it is less dangerous sex toys as compare to other Bondage sex toys. Some of the BDSM toys are whip, gagging balls, latex costumes, bondage toys, Tape & Rope, etc. Handcuffs are also used for casual BDSM to hard BDSM.

Why BDSM handcuffs is popular?

Why BDSM handcuffs is popular

BDSM handcuffs are excite the mood by restricting the partner. One partner in SM play can restrict the another partner movement by tying their both hand together or separate using handcuffs. After restricting partner with handcuffs, a master partner can inflict their fantasies on a partner as they want. BDSM is all about their imagination. So, a partner can use handcuffs as their imagination and can excite the boredom sexual life. Beginners can also love to use BDSM handcuffs in their sexual act as well as in their SM play.

Tools necessary for BDSM handcuffs, and usage

Tools necessary for BDSM handcuffs, and usage

For a successful BDSM play or SM play, you can start with BDSM Handcuffs. It enhances the command play. You can restrict both hands in front or back and enjoy her clit or tease her. You can use it in sex position like doggy position or etc. You try own hand with her hand, and enjoy a new position that came up. restrict one hand with cuffs and another with bondage furniture and stimulate her/his.

Type of cuffs

There are many types of Handcuffs available according to shape, material and styles. There are hinge type handcuffs, bar type handcuffs, etc. According to material, read below:

Leather cuffs

Leather Handcuffs are most flexible and comfortable type of Handcuffs. Leather cuffs are belts cuffs. You can easily adjust the size and enjoy the moment with this.

Plastic Handcuffs

Plastic Handcuffs also safer. If you can lose the key of handcuffs, it is easier to open plastic handcuffs.

Nylon, or neoprene Handcuffs

It sifts and smooth to wear on the hands and ankles. Beginners should try nylon, or neoprene handcuffs at time.

Metal Handcuffs

These handcuffs are made of iron, silicone, steel or any other type of metal. It required little care while using. It may chafe the hand's or ankle's skin, so careful and tie it lose.

Notes tips on BDSM handcuffs

Notes tips on BDSM handcuffs

Throw out BDSM handcuffs is best for the couples, but still is has some disadvantage or e can say, some important import that you should know before using the BDSM handcuffs in BDSM play. BDSM handcuffs can be painful to wear for a long interval of time. You should use handcuffs for the short time. If you have metal handcuffs, it may hurt your hand's bones or ankle's bones. So be careful. It chafes the skin or hit to the bones. If you are using lock type metal handcuffs and you miss the key of a lock. Do not forcibly remove the handcuffs from the hand or ankles. There are many other ways to remove it.